Sunday, March 24, 2013

LaPierre Appears With Unindicted Gun Law Violator

Today, in a shocking development, the head of the National Rifle Association appeared in public with someone who knowingly and willingly flouted the District of Columbia's stringent gun control laws. Gun control proponents have made video of Mr. LaPierre's meeting with this gun law violator public and have disseminated it nationally. It is shown below.

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Of course, the person Wayne LaPierre met with was the host of NBC's Meet The Press, David Gregory. It was back in December after the Newtown shootings that Mr. Gregory waved a 30-round AR magazine in Mr. LaPierre's face during an earlier episode of Meet The Press. Under District of Columbia law, possession of any magazine with greater than a 10 round capacity is forbidden. However, in a decision that proved some people are more equal than others, DC Attorney General Irvin Nathan declined to prosecute Mr. Gregory's violation of DC law.

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