Friday, March 29, 2013

A Hearty Cheer For Sean!

Sean Sorrentino of An NC Gun Blog made the news yesterday. He, in his own words, crashed a MAIG press conference held in Durham, North Carolina. I think when they saw Sean there they assumed he was one of them. After all, he is a younger looking guy with a ponytail. Oh, little did they know!

Sean asked them about Sen. Harry Reid's S.649 which is an amalgam of a number of gun control bills.
That bill would have criminalized something I did last year. My wife wanted to learn to shoot my Ruger 10/22. I took my rifle to a friend’s farm and gave it to him. My wife went up to his farm and he taught her to shoot it safely out on the “back forty.” Then he put it in her truck and she brought it home. He had the rifle for about 4 months. S649 would put all three of us in Federal prison for 5 years each, minimum. I asked the mayors, “How would making me, my wife, and our friend Mike into federal felons keep criminals from selling guns to each other on the streets of Durham, Morrisville, or Chapel Hill?”
It was a good question and one that has an obvious answer. It wouldn't.

As a side note, I recently participated in a webinar put on by the UNC School of Government recently. One of the last questions asked came from the town attorney of Chapel Hill. He wanted to know if a "large capacity assault weapon" could be considered a weapon of mass destruction under NCGS 160A-183. That statute says a town or city can prohibit "any weapons or instrumentalities of mass death and destruction". He was told it wasn't and that the town was preempted from regulating firearms. I mention this because it goes to show just how far towns run by Mayor Bloomberg's Illegal Mayors are trying to go.

Go to Sean's blog, read the whole account, and watch the video. Sean deserves a lot of credit for going there and standing up for what is right.

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  1. Thanks for the link.

    It was BIG fun taking a big fat dump in their party punchbowl. I wish I had a photo of the Mayor of Durham's face when I started. Worth the price of admission.