Monday, March 18, 2013

Permit Confidentiality And Restaurant Carry Set For NC House Hearings

HB 17, the Gun Permits/Restaurants and Confidentiality, comes before the North Carolina House's Judiciary A Committee on Wednesday for hearings. Both parts of this bill - confidentiality and restaurant carry - are important. Grass Roots North Carolina has heard a rumor that the committee might strip out the restaurant carry provisions. Restaurant carry passed the House in the previous session of the General Assembly but died in the Senate for lack of a floor vote.

From GRNC:

Ensure that restaurant carry survives!

This critical pro-feedom legislation will solve two significant problems facing North Carolina gun owners: (1) Not being able to defend ourselves and our families in restaurants that serve alcohol, and (2) Being subject to the release of personal information by hostile media, as was done previously in both NC and NY.

HB-17 is currently residing within House Judiciary Subcommittee A. It is scheduled to be heard this Wednesday. Rumors suggest there are efforts to strip out restaurant carry provisions. We must MAKE SURE this DOES NOT HAPPEN!


  • Quickly Email Republican Members of Judiciary Committee A. Tell them to oppose all efforts to weaken the bill by eliminating the restaurant carry provisions.
  • Plan to Attend the Judiciary Meeting. Show your Representatives in person that you strongly support restaurant carry and that you strongly oppose the release of personal information about concealed carry permit holders!

Copy and paste email addresses for House Judiciary Committee A:,,,,,,,,,

To attend the Judiciary Committee A meeting, follow these directions on

Dear Member of Judiciary Committee A:

HB-17, “Gun Permits/Restaurants & Confidentiality” is a critical piece of pro-freedom legislation that will expand the area in our state where law-abiding citizens can effectively protect themselves and their families.

By preventing the release of personal information, HB-17 will also protect law-abiding holders of concealed carry permits from unconscionable attacks by hostile media. As you may know, in other states the release of this type of sensitive personal information has resulted in law-abiding gun owners being targeted by criminals.

I expect you to support this important bill entirely, without any weakening amendments. Efforts to strip out any element related to restaurant carry are unacceptable.

I will be closely monitoring your actions via Grass Roots North Carolina legislative alerts.


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  1. Why is it so necessary to keep the Restaurant Carry section? I work in a restaurant, I don't want to see it, are you that paranoid that you have to carry one to go out and eat? I don't own a gun, don't want one, don't need one and I will not be forced to work around people who insist on carrying one, concealed or open.