Sunday, March 10, 2013

More Revenue Than Ford Motor Company

The One Minute MBA studied the business of guns and found that the firearms industry generated $10 billion more revenue that Ford Motor Company. It also employs five times as many people as Google. As Exurban Kev noted at Misfires and Light Strikes, this shows "why Magpul’s potential move out of Colorado matters."

Unless two Democrat state senators change their vote Monday on the final vote on HB 1224, I'm afraid the good people of Colorado are going to find out this out first-hand. Even if the Colorado Republican sweep the Democrats out of office in 2014, Magpul and their jobs will still be gone. Once they move I sincerely doubt that they would ever relocate back to Colorado.


  1. Also take into account the lost revenue from what Magpul pays in Sales Taxes, the addition to the Unemployment rolls, the revenue lost in Property taxes, Utility Taxes, the local suppliers to Magpul like the guy who sells them Toilet Paper, etc.

    Trust me, I grew up in Akron, Ohio and I remember when the Tire Companies started to collapse. It's NOT just the guys on the Assembly Lines who get hurt.

    But what do those Assholes in a State Legislature care? THEY get their Paychecks and Perks come what may.

    1. @Les: That's right. Last month I did a post on the people proposing these bills. For the most part, they all came out of the public sector where they worried more about tax revenue than on the vagaries of the market.