Sunday, March 10, 2013

More Interested Teachers Than Spots In Free CCW Class

The Rowan County Wildlife Association thinks the way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. To help increase the number of good guys they offered a free NC Concealed Handgun Permit class for teachers on Saturday in the Salisbury, NC area. The good news is that they had a lot of interested teachers show up. The bad news is that they had to turn some away because they didn't have enough room.
Some of the teachers told Eyewitness News they were taking the class to help keep their students safe.

"That's why we are teachers, because we love the children we work with," interim teacher Jordan Waller said.

Waller joined dozens of other educators at the free concealed carry class in Salisbury.

She sat next to Susan Smith, a teacher's assistant, who worries about her students who have special needs.

"Our children are not very mobile," Smith said. "They would have a very hard time getting out of the way."

Smith and Waller both support bills in the state Legislature that would allow teachers to carry weapons.

"If that's what the world is coming to, I'd go along with it," Waller said.
Of course as the report below makes clear, the gun prohibitionists at North Carolinians Against Gun Violence are aghast and resort to quoting junk research.


  1. meanwhile the teachers unions are still preaching "run and try to hide while you wait to be murdered."

    1. @Gunner: That's the one thing about NC - no teachers unions. The state refuses to let public employees have collective bargaining rights which effectively means no unions.