Friday, March 8, 2013

Cartoon Puts It In Perspective

A cartoon that ran yesterday in the Denver Post's The Spot blog really puts things in perspective about the political culture in Colorado.

Colorado voters approved private use of marijuana in the past election. This measure was opposed by Gov. John Hickenlooper. Now it appears Hickenlooper will support and sign HB 1224 which would result in magazine maker Mapgul to move out of state. Frankly, I think Hickenlooper has his priorities backwards.


  1. During the House hearings on the bill it was suggested that magazines without date marks would be available in Cheyenne and Scotts Bluff NE which would be easily obtainable with a short drive. The bills proponents were incredulous that anyone would think of smuggling stuff across the state line.

    They obviously had never looked into buying fireworks, which annually involves an "iron river" of cars traveling north to Wyoming where the tents are located at the first exit north of the border.

    As a by-product of the manufacturing process, Magpul magazines all have a mold date on them so even if Magpul moves to Cheyenne, we won't be bringing them back because of the markings.

    Magazines without markings are presumed to have been made before the ban date.

  2. > Magpul magazines all have a mold date on them

    Which can easily be removed with a file, sandpaper, Dremel, etc.

  3. Who would let them get close enough to see the mold date?